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  1. Difference between Rad Technologist and Technician
  2. How to write your resume (includes tips on volunteering)
  3. What a typical day looks like for a rad tech (hospital setting)
  4. What a typical day looks like for a rad tech (clinic setting)
  5. Successful interview strategies
  6. How much does a Rad Tech make per hour?
  7. Ways to pay for school
  8. Tips to get accepted into a program
  9. Can you work full-time while going to school
  10. Explanations of the whole imaging career pathway
  11. Common injuries for rad techs
  12. What are continuing education credits?
  13. Common misconceptions (a comedy piece really, and a little venting)
  14. How to be a traveling rad tech (or any tech really)
  15. Best states to work in as a rad tech (keep more pay in your pocket)
  16. What are the common injuries for Rad Techs?
  17. 5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Radiography.
  18. What does a Rad Tech wear to work?
  19. How to get accepted into Rad Tech school.
  20. Xray- the horror movie from 1981 with Barbi Benton
  21. A day in the life of a radiographer.
  22. Top 5 Rad Tech scrubs for men.
  23. 7 possible dangers being a Rad Tech.
  24. Forensic Radiography
  25. Goodbye RPA Career Path
  26. How to pass your ARRT board exams
  27. What is a registered radiology assistant?
  28. To shield or not to shield…your patients. (ACR says NO!)
  29. What is a Radiation Safety Officer and How Do I Become an RSO?
  30. History and Use of a Radiographic Technique Chart.
  31. Radiation Therapy: What You Need to Know About Becoming a Radiation Therapist. 
  32. The Pros and Cons of Cross-Training Current Employees versus Hiring Outside Employees
  33. LinkedIn for Radiologic Technologists: Create an Effective Profile
  34. AHRA Annual Conference July 21-25, 2019 at the Gaylord Rockies in Denver
  35. What is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging?
  36. Pigg O Stat | Modern Marvel or Torture Device? (+Video)
  37. What can a Radiologic Technologist Do? (+Video!)
  38. Radiologic Technologist Burnout – Signs, Symptoms & Cures
  39. Forensic Radiography – How to Become a Forensic Imaging Technologist
  40. The Official Pet of the Xray Tech world – Xray Fish
  41. Xray Marker Encyclopedia – Everything you need to know
  42. Fluoroscopy – How is it Done, Cost, Painful?
  43. Contrast Dye – Side Effects and What You Should Know
  44. California Fluoroscopy License ARRT – Best Info Guide
  45. The ARRT – A Rad Tech’s Perspective
  46. Osteoarthritis – Living with Degenerative Joint Disease
  47. link to Best Shoes for X Ray Techs – FAQs, Costs, Comparisons (Yeezy Bonus!)
  48. Best Shoes for X Ray Techs – FAQs, Costs, Comparisons (Yeezy Bonus!)
  49. Rad Tech Week – Guide to Successful and Affordable Celebration
  50. link to Who Makes More Money, A Rad Tech Or Nurse?
  51. Who Makes More Money, A Rad Tech Or Nurse?





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5 Reasons To Choose a Career in Radiography

Can I Work Full Time While in Xray School?

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What the Clinic Setting Looks Like for Radiologic Technologists 

How to Become a Radiation Therapist or Radiotherapist

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igg O Stat | Modern Marvel or Torture Device? Pediatric Immobilizer

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What Does a Rad Tech Wear for Work?

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How to Get Accepted into Rad Tech School

Radiology Jokes – They are SO humerus!

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for a Rad Tech in a Hospital Setting?

One Day in the Life of a Rad Tech | Radiographer | Xray Tech

Top 10 Common Injuries for a Radiologic Technologist

CQR Requirements for ARRT Continuing Qualification Requirements


Podcast S1E1: Xrays of the Rich and Famous

Podcast S1E2: To Shield or Not to Shield – Our Patients


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