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Ron-Jones-MSRSRon Jones MSRS, RT (R, CT) ARRT

Technologist, Administrator, Guest Speaker, Mentor (LinkedIn Profile)(Professional Resume)

I’ve been in healthcare for over 25 years. Phlebotomist turned Rad Tech, I am trained in Xray, CT, US, and MRI. This past decade I have turned my sites on imaging administration. My intent here is to share my knowledge and help mentor incoming Rad Techs or those interested in the field of Radiology.

Currently, I am enjoying giving guest lectures on different topics at annual conferences across the country.

My Lectures:

Forensic Accounting in Radiology – Are You Being Looted from Within?

Leadership Standard Work for Imaging Leaders – Adaptability is the New Efficiency

Rad Tech Burnout – Signs, Symptoms and Cures

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