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Dr. Ron Jones EdD The Radiologic Technologist

         Dr. Ron Jones Ed.D, MSRS, RT (R, CT) ARRT

Technologist, Administrator, Academic Professor, Guest Speaker, Mentor

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I’ve been in healthcare for over 25 years. Phlebotomist turned Rad Tech, I am trained in Xray, CT, US, and MRI. This past decade I have turned my sites on imaging administration. My intent here is to share my knowledge and help mentor incoming Rad Techs or those interested in the field of Radiology.

Serving as a Clinical Coordinator at a local community college for radiography. I am also enjoying giving guest lectures on different topics at annual conferences across the country.

My Lectures:

Forensic Accounting in Radiology – Are You Being Looted from Within?

Leadership Standard Work for Imaging Leaders – Adaptability is the New Efficiency

Rad Tech Burnout – Signs, Symptoms and Cures

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