How Much do Xray Techs Make per Hour with Four Years Experience?

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How much money do Xray Techs make per hour is a very common question on the internet.

When asked inside a Facebook forum, these were the answers provided by working Xray Techs.

NOTE: What is horribly obvious is that Alabama has no respect for Xray Techs based on the ridiculously low wages being reported there.

$21/hr – got hired where I did my clinical rotations


$21.50/hr – with 12 years experience

Ohio – Eastern Shore, Small Urgent Care


Sewickly, PA

$28.33 – 4 yrs xray, 3 yrs mammo, BD

NJ, Outpatient Center

$42 – 3 yrs xray, 1 yr MRI ($35-36/hr without MRI)

San Diego, CA

$50+ in xray, $60+ in CT

Northern CA

$18.61 – right out of xray school full-time, PRN $24

San Antonio, TX

$23.15 – 2 yrs xray, + differential pay

North Dakota

$24 – 19 yrs xray, 14 yrs MRI (<– this is REALLY bad – Ron)


$19.50 – 7 yrs xray, CT, & Cath Lab (<– again, REALLY bad wages – Ron)


$15 – 3 yrs experience (<– you could work at In & Out Burger for more than this!)

Alabama – Ortho clinic

$25 – LMT (limited Xray Tech)


$35-45 – fresh out of RT school


$45 – PRN only


$22.50 in Louisiana but…

Louisiana starts out at around 18 an hour average for just Xray. I’m finally at 22.50 an hour after 5 years. If I would of stayed at a hospital, I would of never gotten that much. I switched to mobile and that’s the only reason I make this much now. I was told Louisiana and Mississippi pay the absolute lowest.

$27.50 – PRN, 1st year Xray grad


$24 – Started at $24 I believe in Boston. 3.5 years in and I make $26 in Philly at an urgent care and $32 as a per diem at a hospital in NJ


$23 – 10 yrs exp

Pittsburg, PA

$26 – right out of school but…

Starting right out of school where I work is $26, but you have to learn CT and do boards within 2 years. I’m in Wisconsin. As a per diem at another hospital I make $35 doing CT only. But I have 12 yrs experience.


$22-24 – 2 yrs exp


$30-ish – new grad, in 2017 ( around $22 – 25/hr starting pay right out of school in the suburbs but a lot more if you’re willing to work in Boston at one of the big hospitals. )


$29 – 12 yrs, xray/CT/mammo


Started at $30, $32, and $38 (this one is premium per diem) right out of school in NY. Pay ranges $19-$38 as far as I know for new or seasoned RT(R) here


$42 with Night diff and lead pay.. 16 Yrs… NYC (Staten Island) but they pay that to people with less years .. we are UNION!


$32 in NJ full time with paid benefits by company, 2 weeks PTO, paid lunches and profit sharing

Morristown, NJ

Freestanding Emergency rooms in Texas pays between $33-40 depending on experience and CT certification.


rad techs with no experience in the class above me are starting out 25 an hour for big hospitals and 19-21 for smaller sites


im In Ohio a small town though $21 an hr


10 years with both Xray and CT I’m making $38/hr. in Dallas, Texas. I work at the HOPDs. My PRN job only pays $36/hr.

Dallas, TX



$40 PRN in AZ… $45 cadaver labs


$60 – Going on 15 years. X-Ray, Mammo, MRI outpatient clinic Northern California far east bay area, $60 per hour

Northern CA

$25 first year grad.

FL, outpatient clinic, Clearwater



$25-$35 per hour.


$27.19 – 19 yrs exp


$50 Multi-modality technologist (MRI/CT)

Washington DC






Midlothian, VA

$21 – new grad


$23 – 13 yrs exp


$32 – 14 years on the job ct X-ray dexa



Comments the Techs made about California:

Cali makes a lot more but the cost of living is much higher also. In the south we don’t make that pay but rent is about $800-1200 for a house. Not going to find that out there.

yea here in LA you are lucky if you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for less then 1600/month

southern California doesn’t pay as much as northern California, cost of living in California depends on where you live in California. Around Sacramento, a coworker has an apartment for about 1000 a month. I lucked out with timing when I purchased my house out here, so my mortgage is under 1800.

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Ron Jones MSRS, RT (R,CT) ARRT

Ron is huge radiology nerd. It started with Xray school at Pima Medical Institute in Mesa, AZ. He was crosstrained in CT during his Xray clinical rotations at Mesa General Hospital. Then immediately returned to school for ultrasound at Gateway Community College as he started his first job as an Xray/CT Tech. Not much later learned MRI out of necessity at his small rural hospital in Apache Junction, AZ. A decade later he found himself as a manager in a level one trauma center. Currently he is a system operations director over an entire hospital system and loves every minute of it.

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