The Xray Tech’s Survival Guide – Table of Contents

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Part I: Understanding the Career Options for Radiology

  • Why you need this Rad Tech Survival Guide
  • Let’s Get Started with Introductions
  • Who This Course Is For
  • 5 Reasons to Start A Career in Radiography
  • How To Get Help & Find Answers 24/7/365
  • The History of the ARRT – American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • Fun Fact: Forensic Radiography

Part II: Radiography As A Career Choice

  • What Exactly IS A Radiologic Technologist?
  • The Difference Between a Rad Tech & Radiologist
  • The History of the ARRT – American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • What Does A Rad Tech Do?
  • How To Be A Rad Tech
  • How Long Do You Go To School To Be A Rad Tech?
  • Fun Fact: Ye Old Pigg-O-Stat Torture Device For Children
  • How Much Does A Rad Tech Career Pay?
  • Am I Too Old To Be A Rad Tech?
  • What Does A Typical Day Look Like For A Rad Tech?
  • What Happens At Xray Clinical Rotations?
  • Top 10 Injuries For Rad Techs On The Job
  • What Does A Rad Tech Wear To Work?
  • Does Getting A Bachelors Degree Help?
  • Fun Fact: Do Patients Need to Be Shielded With Lead Aprons?
  • Fun Fact: Learn On-The-Job and Advance Your Career
  • Fun Fact: Work In Veterinary Radiography
  • Fun Fact: Travel Rad Techs Make Bank!
  • Rad Tech Spotlight: Interview With a Hollywood Mobile Rad Tech

Part 2.5: Rad Tech Dangers Of The Job

  • Burnout is Real (two part video)
  • Toxic Workplace & Getting Fired
  • Can I Get Too Much Radiation In This Job?
  • How Much Radiation Can You Get From An Xray?
  • Top 10 Injuries for Rad Techs
  • Seven Dangers of Being a Rad Tech
  • Bonus: Radiation Dose Chart

Part III: How to Apply & Get Accepted Into Xray School

  • How To Research A Rad Tech School BEFORE Applying
  • Understanding the Difference Between Private & Public Xray School Programs
  • The Joint Commission and School Certification
  • Understanding the Application Process (pre-requisites, points, interviews, portfolios, & more)
  • How to Build a Legit Student Resume (jobs, volunteerism, references, & more)
  • Preparing for Entrance Exams (Wonderlic, HESI, & more)
  • Let’s Walk Through The Rad Tech Student Interview Process
  • Interview Techniques From Successful Candidates (attire, demeanor, tone, etc)
  • Interview Followup Protocols That Get Your Noticed
  • Dare To Be Different – Stand Out In The Crowd
  • Bonus: 13 Ways to Pay For Rad Tech School
  • Bonus: Example Student Assignments – Interviewing A Tech 

Part IV: You Got Accepted! – How to Excel As An Xray Student

  • Creating A Plan For Success – Prior Prep Prevents Poor Performance
  • The Helicopter View of How Xray School Works
  • Didactic (Classes) versus Clinical Rotations
  • Time Management & Stress Management
  • How to Study Effectively for Biology, Physics, & Other Subjects
  • Best Home Study Radiography Positioning Aid
  • Best Jobs To Have While In Xray School (if you MUST work)
  • Should You Be Concerned About Advanced Degrees?
  • School / Life Balance & How to Achieve It
  • Best Shoes & Scrubs for Rad Techs
  • Read the Xray Marker Bible – Tips, Tricks & How To Make Your Own
  • Bonus: Student Project – Identifying Foreign Bodies in the Operating Room
  • Bonus: Free Testing Modules in Pathology, Positioning, Sectional Anatomy, Patient Care, Physics & More
  • Bonus: Physics Notes From a Former Student

Part 4.5: Clinical Rotations: How to Manage & Cope With Stress

  • What is Expected of Every Rad Tech Student
  • Tips For Choosing The Best Clinical Rotations (Critical!)
  • Comp Shopping, Competition & Keepin CIs Happy
  • How to Deal With Abusive Staff & Patients
  • How to Deal with Death and Coroner Requests

Part V: How To Study and Pass the ARRT Board Exam

  • The Elephant In The Room – You Must Pass
  • Eat The Elephant One Bite At A Time (study sanctum, habits, time management, prep, etc)
  • How To Pass the ARRT Board Exams
  • What to Expect When You Go To Take The Boards
  • Scientific, Proven Methods for Effectively Studying 

Part VI: Graduates – How to Apply For A Job & Negotiate The Best Pay

  • How To Research a Hospital BEFORE You Apply (Do They Deserve You?)
  • How to Write a Rad Tech Resume (samples included)
  • LinkedIn for Rad Techs: Creating a Successful Profile (aka Online Resume)
  • Successful Interview Tips – Reverse Engineering The Questions
  • Understanding the Different Shifts and Quirks That Come With Them
  • Which States Let You Keep The Most Money In Your Pocket
  • The Art of Following Up On Your Interview
  • Got the Call? How to Negotiate for the Highest Pay!
  • The Truth About Hiring Costs / Replacement Costs & Understanding Your Value

Part VII: Rad Techs – Tools For Success 

Part VIII: Job Advancement, CrossTraining & Other Radiology Careers

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