The Xray Tech's Survival Guide - Part IV: You Got In - Now How to Excel As An Xray Student


Once you get accepted into the program

Choosing your rad tech student clinical rotations

How to handle Stressing Out and Time Management

How to deal with abusive patients

How to study biology and other xray school subjects

Dead bodies (day in the life or coroner stories)

Best home study radiography positioning aid

Best jobs to have while in xray school (where would this go?)

Student assignment: interview an xray tech in the field

Advanced college degrees for rad techs up to doctorate

Work/life balance and how to achieve

Student project: identifying foreign bodies in the OR

Best shoes for rad techs

Xray markers – the bible of use and origins

Free Testing Modules on the blog for several classes

Physics notes from a student

Lead Apron faqs

The dreaded Barium Enema (BE)

Foreign bodies in the OR and how we find them

What is fluoroscopy?

Radiation dose chart

What is a barium swallow


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Tools of the Trade
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  1. Xray Markers - The Bible
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